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​LED street light shortcomings


1. Single LED power is low. In order to obtain high power, multiple parallel connections are required.

2, low color rendering. The color displayed under the LED illumination is not as true as the incandescent lamp, which is analyzed from the spectral distribution and is a technical problem.

3, light spots. Due to defects in the manufacturing process of the white LED itself and the matching error with the reflective cup or lens, the "yellow circle" problem is easily caused.

4, LED illumination uniformity problem. If the secondary optical design is not carried out, the illumination of the LED is relatively concentrated, so the secondary optical design must be carried out so that the light intensity distribution map is bat-shaped.

5, LED light fade problem. Compared to low-power LEDs, the light decay of high-power LED street lights is much better. However, low-power LED heat dissipation is small. The high-power LED is a problem that there is no way to solve the problem of heat dissipation, and the brightness will be significantly reduced after heating, so the power cannot be made large. The largest Spark LED street light sold in the market is 360W.