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​Several steps to effectively improve the quality of LED solid crystal


First, strictly test the LED raw materials of the solid crystal station

1. Chip: Mainly manifested by solder pad contamination, chip damage, chip cutting size, chip cutting tilt.

Precautionary measures: Strictly control the incoming inspection and find that the problem requires the supplier to improve.

2. Bracket: The main performance is that the deviation between the size of the crucible and the C dimension is too large, the bracket is discolored and rusted, and the bracket is deformed.

Inadequate feeding is a supplier's problem, and suppliers should be informed to improve and strictly control the feed.

3. Silver Glue: Mainly manifested as poor viscosity of silver glue, the use period is exceeded, storage conditions and thawing conditions are inconsistent with actual standards.

For the viscosity of silver glue, it is generally not going to be put into production after engineering evaluation, but it is not that the silver glue is the best. If it is found that there is a bad occurrence, it can be evaluated. Other use periods, storage conditions, thawing conditions, etc. are all artificially controlled. As long as the SOP operation is strictly followed, there are generally not many problems.

Second, reduce adverse human factors

1. Operators violated regulations: For example, if gloves are not worn, silver glue will be taken directly from the refrigerator without being thawed, and the operator will not work according to SOP, or the machine will be unskilled, which will affect the quality of the solid crystal.

Preventive measures: The foreman strengthens the management, the operators work according to the SOP, the quality assurance personnel strengthen the audit, strengthen the education and training for the unskilled personnel of the machine, and the official certificate is not allowed to be officially employed.

2. Maintenance personnel improperly adjusted: The countermeasure is to improve the technical level. For example, the crystal height, the solid crystal height, the thimble height, the setting of some delay time, the motor parameters, the setting of the table parameters, etc., are all adjusted to the optimal state according to the standard.

Third, to ensure that there will be no machine defects

The machine is mainly represented by some spare parts or mechanical structures of the machine, and the influence of the system and other defects on the quality of the solid crystal. Make sure that the functions of the machine are normal.