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About LED panel light installation precautions


LED panel light installation is nothing more than three ways: embedded, hanging, fixed, no matter which kind of installation, it is something to support, so when you install the panel lights, pay attention to the following two points :

First, if it is an embedded installation, it can be put directly on the ceiling of the plaster. If it is a kind of open hole, you must know how big the size of the space to open, or open a big or open a small Can not put LED panel lights, and the suspension and the fixed type of these two is to fix the screws on the ceiling, so that the screws play the role of a fixed lamp, the two installation methods compared to the point of technology, we must first look at the instructions. The

Second, before the installation of LED flat panel lights must be aware of the situation, because the current wire is installed in the form, the color of the wire must be distinguished, the zero-line LED panel lights must be connected to the zero line.