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Bedroom lighting choose what kind of good


First, according to the bedroom style choice
Bedroom decoration style determines the style of the lamp, how the bedroom is modern fresh, simple style, that the lamp on the bedroom style, on the choice of modern style crystal lamp on it; if the bedroom is classical style, choose European Crystal lamp, so with it seems classical, more elegant. Lamps must be in harmony with the bedroom decoration style, or fresh modern style inside the bedroom, the installation of Chinese classical style lighting, that much more uncoordinated, awkward.

Second, according to the height of the bedroom choice
Lighting options with the bedroom style, but also with the height of the bedroom, if the bedroom is high enough, you can install crystal chandeliers, so nice to use it is also comfortable; if the bedroom is not very high or choose a good lantern, so that would not have high space Also hanging chandeliers, the bedroom is particularly short, the space appears to be depressed, so the bedroom is not comfortable, and even affect the quality of rest.

Three, according to the bedroom master age
Different age groups of people on the choice of bedroom lamps are not the same, so according to the habits to choose lamps. Elderly people generally require simple and generous lamps, there is a note that the brightness is, after all, on the older eyes have an impact, need to choose a strong light of the lamps; middle-aged people often like in accordance with their own preferences, taste to layout, On the lamp color is simple, lighting design taste, with the bedroom style of the most appropriate.
   Young people to pursue individuality, the scope of choice is relatively wide, generally active bright colors, personality, strange lamps are particularly popular; children's room lighting choice should pay attention to friends, to meet the child's nature, you can choose lovely Cartoon pattern or shape of the lamp, but pay attention to the child in the development, not suitable for too strong light to avoid harming the eyes.

Fourth, the use of demand
Bedroom lighting options have to consider the use of demand, such as makeup mirror lighting is usually used warm-type lamps, installed in the mirror to avoid glare; some people like to lie in bed reading, you can choose the lamp or wall lamp lighting, You have to choose to read the light brightness of the lamp or adjust the brightness of the lamps and so on.