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Causes and Maintenance of LED Lighting


    With the popularity of LED lamps and lanterns, many home and commercial sites use LED lamps as lighting sources, such as LED lanterns, LED downlights, LED ceiling lamps, LED tubes, etc.    Accompanied by the LED lights in the daily use of the quality problems have become increasingly prominent, LED lamps aftermarket and maintenance issues are increasingly serious, where the Fujing lighting for everyone to analyze the LED lights often problems and basic Maintenance judgment
First of all, to determine the damage to LED lamps must understand the basic components of LED lamps;
We generally split the LED lamps into three large pieces; first part of the shell; followed by the light source part; the last part of the power supply;
The shell part is generally part of the structure, generally made of aluminum or other materials, this part. Basically in the daily use, not easy to damage, only in the transport process may be damaged;
The second part is the light source part, this is the core part of LED lamps, as the name suggests LED lamps also refers to the light source is the use of LED light source, this part will generally be based on the use of time and the environment some quality problems; now the market for the pursuit of lighting The brightness of the LED lamps are usually determined by the drive current, the same power LED lamps, the greater the drive current to the light source, the higher the brightness of the corresponding lamps, but the attendant is the LED The heat of the light source will be greater, when the first part of the shell of the heat dissipation is not enough, then the heat will be stagnant in the LED light source, in this case, long-term use will lead directly to the LED light source attenuation worse In this situation, the LED light source is very bright at the beginning, but after a period of time, the brightness will be much worse, this is the light source attenuation is very powerful, sustained, and finally the light will burn directly, resulting in damage; Circumstances, if the shell of the heat dissipation is not good, there will be the same phenomenon, if it is relatively high brightness of the early lamps, in the use of Some time; if you use the same type of lamps, you can be the same type of the same type of light, you can use the same type of light, you can use the same type of light, you can use the same type of lighting, you can use the same type of light The light source and the power of the lamp are interchangeable to determine whether the light source is damaged or the power supply is damaged. The second one can use the stall of the multimeter to test the positive and negative poles of the light source. If the circuit is broken, it is basically determined that the light source it's broken. For the damage to the LED light source can be directly to find manufacturers to help repair or replace the lamp, you can also seek to do the same type of product stores or factories, the problem described to him for help; .Fujing  lighting for many customers to solve these light Damage to the problem.