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Discussion on the current development situation of LED street lamp


   With the LED lighting technology continues to mature and development, performance and safety standards both at the national level, industry level or local level have been fully aware of, but also developed a large number of such standards. Overall, safety and performance indicators are no longer the most sensitive issue in the development of streetlight tunneling lights.
   At present, it is the maintenance of the lamps, replaceability and standardization of interfaces to become the constraints of these public lighting products and the use of a wide range of key. Take the street lamp in terms of, although the LED lights in the past few years the penetration rate in the domestic street lamp market is increasing, but through the larger cities and provincial cities, such as: Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, etc. The idea of mass replacement but still no plan. The reason is that the current LED lights in the maintainability, the replacement of different manufacturers of products caused by the lack of concerns caused by the owners, seriously restricting the wide range of LED lighting applications to promote.
    Even if the life of LED lamps can be more than 50,000 hours, 6 years after the owners are also facing the replacement of the problem; for traditional lamps, the owners only need to replace the light source can usually lamp lamp shell life can be more than 20 years. For the overall type of LED lamps, the owners need to replace the whole lamp, the result is: a lamp itself, the cost of replacement, two replacement operation is difficult and high cost. Replacement of new fixture owners may re-tender, change the original tunnel maintenance procedures, maintenance units and decision-making units to bring new problems. In addition, different manufacturers of lamps if not interchangeable, the owners will be used in the manufacturers to contain, affecting the owners of the enthusiasm of the use of LED lamps. Therefore, based on the development of "interface standardization, light modular, intelligent control" LED lamps for the wide range of LED applications has a very important significance.
   Light source Modular streetlight The core idea of the tunnel light is: LED light source is a module, the LED light source module in the lamp, the power supply as the replacement body, in the maintenance process independent replacement; need to solve the technical difficulty that is to protect the light source module The use of reliability, but also to achieve free operation on-site replacement; standard to achieve the unity of the interface and the interchangeability of different manufacturers.