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Energy-saving light-emitting principle


Energy-saving lamps are generated by mercury vapor ionization of ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light to make the phosphor. Mercury was not completely turned on at the moment
Into mercury vapor, so just light the light darker, after a while will become completely mercury mercury vapor will light up. In addition to say
Clearly, "most of the CFLs we use nowadays are based on three primary colors," all of which are "ionized by mercury vapor
Produce ultraviolet light to make fluorescent powder (fluorescent powder or fluorescent powder trichromatic phosphor). "This is the energy-saving lamps do not fluorescent
The basic principle of light
1) is the energy-saving lamps are bright flashing phenomenon, the eyes have an impact
2) Mercury pollution during and after production is discarded. At present, western countries attach great importance to mercury pollution.
People are also increasingly aware of the dangers of mercury pollution.
3) Because of glass products, fragile, not good transport, not good to install.
4) Its power consumption is still too big.
5) easy to damage, short life expectancy, energy-saving savings this sentence is its best portrayal.