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Factors that affect the luminous efficiency of LED luminous efficiency


   1) LED cooling substrate, heat sink and packaging materials selection, a key indicator is to choose low thermal resistance of the material.
   2) the thermal conductivity between the materials to be a continuous match, the structural design requirements between the structure of the thermal connection is good, the structure of the thermal resistance is small, there is no thermal conductivity of the cooling bottleneck.
   3) Specifically, increase the chip area; the use of flip-chip structure, the chip bump of the silicon carrier directly installed in the heat sink; the use of forced cooling method will produce heat as soon as possible, which are some practice Test the better cooling effect of the program.
   At present, the LED industry's common program for the downstream application manufacturers from the upstream manufacturers to buy LED light tablets, the lamp is soldered in the PCB (printedcircuitboard, printed circuit board) on the surface of the circuit pattern, and then the PCB board with thermal adhesion glue Heat sink on. This is one of the industry's current LED lighting program. LED and so on through the PCB board circuit connection, aluminum plate as a heat sink, micro heat pipe and aluminum fins are to further strengthen the cooling effect, so as to maximize the LED light to ensure its luminous efficiency.