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Floodlight, spotlight, lighting difference


    First, floodlights (astigmatism or flat light)
Floodlights generally do not set the lens (in addition to light flood light), but the use of direct light from the light source and the surface from the surface of the light to the light, so that it has a directional structure, but also as a long distance Lighting with floodlights, it will direct light from the lens condenser light and light, which is cast light floodlights.
There is also a wider range of lights designed for all lighting, and for the local part of the stage to cause more effective soft light, or to make the surface has a uniform lighting and can adjust its angle and other needs of the design Separate lamps and lanterns.
Floodlight has a wide range of light, light and soft uniform characteristics, coupled with the color filter can get other colors of light. Stage lighting with floodlights generally designed as a row of lights, a large area of lighting.
The local effect of the stage lighting, the use of adjustable angle of the individual lamps. Floodlights in the scope of the stage lighting can not have a spot and a significant spot traces of the spot.
   Second, the spotlight
   The spotlight is constructed so that the light beam that can be emitted from the light source is centered on the front of the mirror, and the light can be freely emitted by the lens on the local range of the stage, and the light beam and the projection angle can be adjusted by adjusting the light source and the movement Lens type two.
   Spotlight on the stage lighting of the basic lighting, its light system is mainly composed of concave reflection and condenser mirror. Its characteristics are: the light spot in the middle of the bright, clear edge, the light range than the flood light, in the light range can adjust the intensity of light. The adjustment is divided into two kinds of light source movement and lens movement type, and the local illumination effect is obtained by adjusting the illumination change of the projection surface. Spotlight is generally used in the surface light. Slap, side light, column light, the top light, and other lighting, the current stage lighting is a lot of use.
   According to the edge of the shape of the formation of light, spotlight and can be divided into soft spotlight, flat convex spotlight and contour spotlight three.
   (1) soft spotlight
The light of the light spot of the spotlight, is the light in the light and soft light show the emotional lighting equipment. As is usually used Fresnel lens spotlight.
   (2) Planar lens spotlight
The nature of the light is stronger than the softness, and the contours are clear, but not as focused light as the contour spotlight, since it is difficult to express it from the quality of the light, so it is generally referred to as a flat convex spotlight. It has now become the main lighting of the stage lighting, on the stage is essential.
   (3) contour spotlight (modeling spotlight)
This cast light structure, can cast light around the strong focus, is used to track the performers are indispensable spotlight. It is different from the other spotlights, there are two lenses, but also with the ability to change the size of the light cast area and can change the shape of the light cut board.
   Third, the effect of lighting
   Effect lighting is the performance of rain, snow, clouds, waves, flame phenomenon lighting equipment, but also for the song and dance. Drama background lighting effect, is a very important modern stage lighting means. Effect lighting and the general slide projector is different from its large size, brightness, can be projected, is a stage-specific projection equipment.