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How to identify the LED power supply is good or bad


   LED power quality so important what is the impact of what? Now teach you a few quick and easy way to identify the quality of LED power quality is good or bad.
   First, PFC (power factor) level
   But not necessarily PFC high is good, but also the overall ramp is small, ripple small, low interference (because some manufacturers deliberately do a high PFC but ignore the electromagnetic compatibility of this part).
   Second, look at the power supply temperature is high
If the higher the temperature of the power supply itself, the greater the damage to the components, which is particularly important.
    Third, look at conversion efficiency
   Conversion efficiency of the level, the size of the deviation and stability, an analogy: AC170-250V this working voltage range, I can try from 170V-250V to debug, from low to high constantly changing voltage, you can see on the power meter "Conversion efficiency, PFC" fluctuations are large, to prove its stability.
   Fourth, the periodic aging test
   Continuous uninterrupted with lamp aging, no electricity for a month or so can also detect the attenuation of the lamp beads and lamp shell cooling is good.
   Fifth, detection boot is the instantaneous impact of the lamp beads current.
   Sixth, the stability of the constant current current.
   Seventh, the detection of power protection: whether it has over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection. 8. High pressure: input on the output can be more than 3000V pressure. Whether the input to the ground can withstand 1500V pressure.
   LED light lamp life of the lamp is not a good decision to directly determine its life, but also a direct impact on the LED flood light potential power consumption, a good light, at least three to five years with three With five or six years, the lights are not other things, especially the outdoor, bright time long outdoor LED floodlights, pay more attention to quality, hoping to help you. Here, we can see the choice of power, the need to test the project really a lot, so in the procurement or development of power, these are necessary to take into account the factors, must not be ignored.