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How to identify low-quality LED lamps


    At present, there are three types of incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps in China. Among them, most of the consumers purchase energy-saving lamps because many families have realized the problem of incandescent power consumption. Therefore, energy-saving lamps To replace it. LED lights for many ordinary consumers is still relatively unfamiliar, due to high prices and not yet universal. From the economic and environmental protection point of view, LED lights are the most energy-efficient, followed by energy-saving lamps. In the face of many brands, different prices LED lights, many consumers do not know how to buy, do not know how to distinguish the pros and cons of its quality. In response, the industry summed up the purchase of LED lights need to focus on the four points to help consumers easily identify.
Look at the product packaging and trademarks Genuine LED lamp packaging should be marked with the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and other information, as well as brand marks and related certification marks. The packaging on the trademark printing quality is better, the font is clear, not easy to fall off, even with a soft damp cloth, the trademark is still legible. Fake and inferior products trademark printing poor quality, fonts, some of the trademarks of the product can be erased with a damp cloth. In addition, there are some poor-quality products, there is no printing on the packaging and related certification marks.
Look at the appearance of the lamp Genuine LED lamp with three primary colors of light, and the color of the tube white, hand covered, the color will look whiter. In addition, depends on the appearance of the LED lamp is cracked, loose, and observe the interface has been pried marks, if there is a description of inferior products. Genuine LED lights in the installation, removal process will not appear loose, tilted head and so on. Consumers can also distinguish the pros and cons of their quality by the LED lamp housing material. Genuine LED lamp plastic shell flame retardant materials, the texture is more rough, similar to frosted glass. Low-quality goods are used ordinary plastic, smooth and shiny surface, these materials have easy deformation, flammable and so on.
When working to see the temperature at work, the temperature of genuine LED lights will not be too high, can be hand contact. If the purchased product warms up obviously at work, then there is a problem with its quality. In addition, the flashing LED lights if there is a problem with its quality. To see the electromagnetic interference in our country, electromagnetic compatibility is to assess the eligibility of electrical products is an important indicator, so when consumers buy LED lights can check their packaging whether there is the relevant logo to pass the test. When purchased, consumers can use short-wave radio test. Put the radio near the LED lights after power on and observe the noise emitted by the radio. The lower the noise, the better the electromagnetic compatibility of the product.