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LED bubble bulb of bulb


    The so-called bubble shell refers to the front of the transparent glass shell. In the incandescent lamp, all made of glass. But in the LED bulb, although you can also use glass to do blister, but very few do so. The Because the LED bulb than the weight of incandescent weight more than 5 times faster, if you do with glass, then fell to the ground, the possibility of a great break. So more LED bulbs using plastic foam to prevent break. And LED bulbs because the heat from the radiator out, so through the blister of the light are visible light, there is little fever of the infrared, so the use of plastic to do the bubble shell will not be damaged because of the heat can not. Often the requirements for the blister have the following:
   1. Has a high light transmission, high diffusion, no glare, no light shadow;
   2. Light source concealment is better (as far as possible can not see LED lamp beads);
   3. Transmittance of more than 90%;
   4. Has a high flame retardant;
   5. Has a high impact strength;