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LED flood light


        LED lights in addition to indoor LED ceiling lamp, LED downlight, LED bulb, etc., but also for outdoor lighting, such as LED flood light is one of the following for everyone to briefly introduce the LED flood light.
LED anti-flood light is generally used for long-range large area of projection lighting needs of the place, is widely used in large-scale workplace mine, building contours, stadiums, basketball courts, building facades, billboards and other large area long distance Of the place of projection.
LED flood light source of light there are two types, one is a single integrated high-power light source, an integrated high-power light source power from 10W to 100W; the other is a single 1W high-power light source, Multi-set to form a light-emitting array; single integrated light source LED flood light structure is simple, stable performance. The use of single 1W high power light source LED flood light, large structure, can achieve a variety of functional control. Generally as a small area, a small range of projection irradiation;
In the original high-power integrated light source LED flood light on the basis of the LED high-power integrated light source split into the same power level of some low-power integrated light source, through the LED lighting shell to optimize the change, the LED vote Light spot from the original one to two, effectively expanding the LED flood light irradiation angle, to achieve a large area of the projection lighting requirements.
LED cast light shell with die-cast aluminum shell, expand the overall shell of the radiator area, reduce the overall lamp temperature, extend the life of the lamp. And through this optimization process, reducing the overall cost of LED flood light, so that the new wide-angle LED flood light has a high cost advantage; to meet the different requirements of the customer's choice of exposure.