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LED floodlight is also known as a light or projective lamp


The LED floodlight, the English Name: Floodlight floodlight, is a point light source that can be evenly irradiated in all directions. Its range of illumination can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it appears as an icon of a positive eight plane in the scene. The floodlight is the most widely used light source in the production of the effect map, and the standard floodlight is used to illuminate the whole scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene. In order to produce a better effect, a light bulb is installed in a large reflector for use as a diffuse light source with high brightness. Although the lighting is essential for the shed, but for the average amateur indoor photography, also can be a good source of lighting effects.
According to the use of different occasions, called different names, also known as spot lights, lamp, lights, lights, light tree lights etc.
LED flood light lamp body material for surface treatment Aluminum Alloy casting electrostatic spraying coating, high temperature, anti acid, anti aging by light electrical integration design, the lamp body has the advantages of compact structure, small volume of imported high purity aluminum reflector, a variety of reflector design, the formation of different needs of the light distribution, high light efficiency small, glare light source can be according to customer demand, can use single or double end metal halide lamp high pressure sodium lamp with E40 or RX7s or 5mm as the mask of tempered glass, safety, high temperature resistance, high strength, good transmission seal anti-corrosion silicone rubber seal, good sealing, waterproof and dustproof with high performance ballast, trigger and capacitance, ensure that the electrical performance of the lamp can meet the national standard requirements for internal wiring for 1mm2PVC markers, stadium, square, trees, billboards, buildings, parking lot Wall and so on.