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LED floodlights are favored by outdoor lighting


The main features of LED floodlight:
1, according to the use of circumstances, you can design a variety of application brackets, so that LED flood lights can be adjusted in any direction. And easy to install.
2, the integrated heat dissipation structure design, increase the radiating area of 80% than the general structure design, guarantee the LED luminous efficiency and the service life; the lamp structure design has increased the air flow heat dissipation channel.
3, than the general LED lights have greater dimming angle, the use of more flexible.
4, special waterproof design, internal add rain trough, special process circuit board, even if influent, also does not affect the use of lamps.
LED flood light, is light pan shot out, because the floodlights light is dense, light shine a light receiving surface brightness is higher than that of the surrounding environment, so the floodlight is also called LED or LED light projection lamp, its full name is LED Flood Light. LED English floodlight is through the built-in micro control chip the range and intensity of illumination.
Now, according to the power is divided into two major categories of products, and the other is the use of power chip combination, its performance is relatively stable, more suitable for small range of radiation. The other uses a single power chip, which has a large structure and can be used for large distance and remote illumination.
Analysis of specific application of LED flood light:
Because the LED floodlight can be aimed at any direction and has the structure which is not affected by the weather condition, it has a wide range of applications. Major areas are: large areas, mines, buildings, contours, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc.. Usually, a large area of LED lighting for outdoor use can be called a LED floodlight. So LED lights, outdoor lighting LED star product, LED floodlight, Fujing lighting production of good quality, high efficiency, favored by the majority of users.