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LED fluorescent lamp awareness


   LED super energy-saving light source is the 21st century, the most development potential of a new generation of green lighting, the spectrum is no ultraviolet and infrared, with no flicker high brightness low heat long life non-toxic and no radiation, etc., in the Beijing Olympic Games Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games The meeting was widely used. The actual test shows that the use of 11-watt LED replacement 44-watt fluorescent lamp 5-watt LED replacement 25-watt fluorescent lamp, the illumination can meet the same requirements, saving can go to more than 70 percent.
  In general, the hospital's office building emergency department of the department is a long light area. A large number of lamps aging and maintenance costs increasing, to enhance the degree of protection of various types of resources and the transformation of new lighting products is one of the primary way. Foreign hospitals have been extensive use of LED glare light source lamps, not only bring green energy-saving effect, but also to doctors and patients feel never had a comfortable. Energy-saving LED program is a new type of market-oriented energy-saving mechanism, its mode of operation is to reduce energy costs to pay for energy-saving transformation costs.log on to our official website for more details :