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LED lights are not as bright as possible


In the lamp market to see, a 4 watt PHILPS MASTER LED ball bubble price 60 yuan, while some unknown brands only more than 10 yuan, and even LED lamp price as low as 9 yuan a. The price is a mess.
As the current quality certification of LED lamps has not yet been marked, experts suggest choosing the brand products as much as possible. The brand is doing better. Big brand for brand benefit, not for small profits and harm brand image.
General users buy light only brightness, industry experts said, LED light is not the brighter the better.
"The color temperature of the lamp will be marked, and the higher the color temperature, the higher the light effect, the brighter it will look. In fact, low color temperatures look more comfortable and cost more." Insiders explained that the morning and evening sun color temperature in 3000K~3500K, relatively soft, noon rose to 4000K~4500K, while incandescent and fluorescent lamp color temperature of about 6200K.
It is reported that the general domestic LED lamp for 3~7 watts, the domestic light source (only refers to LED particles), the price is 2~3 yuan / watt, so the 4 watt bulb price of 20~50 yuan or so, if less than 20 yuan, the quality will be problems. And follow-up maintenance is also a big problem LED lights, in this respect, obviously brand enterprises more trustworthy.log on to our websites for more details: