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LED lights high temperature analysis


   The most direct way to increase the brightness of the power LED is to increase the input power, and in order to prevent the saturation of the active layer must be increased accordingly the size of the pn junction; increase the input power is bound to the junction temperature Rise, and thus reduce the quantum efficiency. The increase in single tube power depends on the ability of the device to derive the heat from the p-n junction, increasing the size of the chip separately while maintaining the current chip material, structure, packaging process, constant current density on the chip, and equivalent heat dissipation. The use of led street light radiator fin is the most common way of cooling, with led aluminum cooling fins as part of the shell to increase the cooling area. Thermal plastic shell. The use of LED insulated thermal plastic instead of aluminum alloy heat sink, can greatly improve the heat radiation capacity. Surface radiation heat treatment. Light shell surface to do radiation heat treatment, the simple is to apply radiation cooling paint, you can use the heat away from the lamp shell surface. The air fluid mechanics utilizes the shape of the lamp shell to create convective air, which is the lowest cost to enhance the heat dissipation. The purpose of the cooling of the lamp shell is to reduce the working temperature of the LED chip. Due to the expansion coefficient of the LED chip and the thermal conductivity of the commonly used metal, the expansion coefficient of the heat dissipation material is very large, and the LED chip can not be welded directly to avoid high and low temperature thermal stress. The latest high thermal conductivity ceramic materials, thermal conductivity close to aluminum, expansion can be adjusted to synchronize with the LED chip. So that you can heat, heat integration, reduce the heat conduction intermediate links. Fan, light shell interior with longevity and efficient fan to strengthen the heat, low cost, good effect. But to change the fan is the trouble, nor is it applicable to the outdoor, this design is relatively rare liquid bulb. The use of liquid bulb packaging technology, the higher the thermal conductivity of the transparent liquid filled into the lamp bulb. This is in addition to the principle of reflective, the only use of LED chip out of the smooth heat, heat technology. The use of the lamp in the home type of small power LED lights, often use the lamp inside the room, the heating of the drive circuit part or all into. This can be used like a screw cap so that there is a larger metal surface of the lamp cooling, because the lamp is close to the lamp holder metal electrode and power cord. So a part of the heat can be derived from the heat. Integration of Heat and Heat Dissipation - Application of High Thermal Conductivity Ceramics.