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led street light high temperature ideas and solutions


    Overview: LED street lamp temperature is too high will affect the life of LED lamps, the industry that the lower the better, so LED life and junction temperature showed an inverse effect, the higher the balance of the higher temperature. Radiator is to solve the heat, and his temperature as long as no more than they can withstand the temperature just fine. The key is the temperature of the chip. To be able to quickly heat the LED lights produced by the heat conduction to the radiator to achieve the effect of rapid diffusion of scattered.   
LED street lamp temperature of the six solutions:
1, superconducting thermal capacity: micro-slot group composite phase change cooling technology with superconducting thermal capacity, the thermal conductivity of aluminum substrate is 10,000 times, the technology can LED chip heat to the area of infinite heat on the surface. Thermal conductivity greater than 106 W / (m * ℃).
2, super cooling capacity: take the heat flux density has reached 400W / cm2, its ability to 1000 times higher than the water, higher than the heat pipe about 100 times. Heat capacity is 100 times higher than forced water cooling, 1000 times more than forced air cooling.
3, no power consumption cooling: passive cooling, no fan or pump, no cooling with energy consumption, no power to run, energy saving. MGCP technology is the use of high-power power electronic devices to heat the heat generated by the evaporation of heat generated by the kinetic energy and potential energy, the steam flow to the condenser heat condensed into liquid, with the heater micro-slot group of capillary force and liquid gravity back to High-power power electronic devices close to the heaters, in order to achieve no external power of the closed cooling cycle.
4, light weight, small size: less than the weight of the existing radiator 25%, the volume can be as small as 20%.
5, high reliability: simple and compact device, stable, no start problem, reliability is much higher than the fan, water cooling and heat pipe radiator.
6, low cost, environmental protection: the product cost is less than the fan, water cooling and heat pipe radiator; phase change working environment environment friendly, less no consumption.