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Notes on installation of LED lights


   LED lamps and lanterns for its high efficiency, energy saving, safety, compact and so on, become the main products of the lighting market, into the tens of thousands of ordinary people home.     The installation of the LED lights seems convenient, but there are still a lot of details to note. Following Xiaobian will give you detailed information on the installation of LED lighting matters needing attention.
   First, if LED lamps installed in the interior zone, due to environmental factors are relatively stable, will not be subjected to relatively simple installation is also exposed to the weather. In general, the back of the LED light is attached to self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive, the installation of the surface directly tear off the stickers, and then fixed. Generally speaking, the LED light belt is a circuit composed of 3 LED as a group. If there is a corner in some places, the 3 LED can be cut and used separately.
   Second, if the LED is installed in the outdoor lamp, because often will be exposed to the weather, it is not directly using 3M glue fixed, otherwise easy to fall off. Generally installed by a fixed card slot, it needs to be equipped with waterproof glue to strengthen the waterproof performance of the connection point.
   Third, remember not to install LED lamps in the live state, so as not to cause electric shock.
   Fourth, LED lamps and lanterns power supply way has three kinds: one is the direct connection 220V voltage, two is through the direct current transformer carries on the connection, three is carries on the connection through the alternating current transformer. Through the DC transformer connection LED lamps and lanterns, the switching power supply's maximum power is generally 350W. Isolated AC transformers must be used for LED lamps connected by AC transformers.
   Fifth, when connecting the LED lamps and lanterns, must remember must not meet the counter positive and negative pole.
   Sixth, some LED lamps need grounding wire, shall not be ignored.
   Seventh, operators must be installed in anti-static environment LED lamps, and should wear an electrostatic ring.
   LED lamps are safe, environmental friendly, practical and durable, but they also need reasonable installation procedures to achieve the best lighting effect.