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Perform the correct tuning method


1. The spot is not right:

Counter----Re-calibrate the light spot to ensure three points and one line.

2. Improper adjustment of various parameters:

For example: picklevel, bondlevel, ejectorlevel delay time, motor parameters, etc., can be added a few more steps and a few more steps can still be done, but the results are completely different. The same is the height of the thimble. When the chip can't be sucked, some people make the parameters, but they don't consider whether the thimble is blunt or broken. As a result, the chip is damaged and the corner is offset. The matching of the delay time and the motor parameters is also the same. If the matching is not good, the welding arm movement will be different, which also causes abnormal quality.

3. Improper setting of binary value:

Counter----Reset the binarization.

4. The machine adjustment standards are inconsistent.

For example, when adjusting the dispensing glue, the dispensing spring is pressed to death, and the dispensing head has no elasticity at all. As a result, it is useless to adjust the parameters. Another example is the adjustment of the claws. If the hooking and popping displacements of the upper and lower hooks are not adjusted according to the standard, it is easy to cause the running materials and the bracket deformation. Another example is the pressure of the welding arm. If it is not adjusted according to the standard, it will also affect the quality of the solid crystal, and it will not be adjusted well with the parameters.

Fifth, master the process

1. Whether the cleaning of the silver glue tank is cleaned regularly.

2. Whether the choice of silver glue is reasonable.

3. Whether the operator wears gloves or masks.

4. Baking conditions, time and temperature of the solid crystal material.