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Select office lighting lamps to pay attention to what parameters?


In the purchase of office lighting, we often only look at the brightness of the lights is enough, but in fact we are inadvertently ignore those parameters are often the most important. The office lighting usually have to choose LED panel lights, so Huahui lighting to take LED panel lights for everyone to popularize what parameters are ignored: significant, with or without strobe, with or without infrared UV, light efficiency.

Significant refers to: color rendering index, color rendering refers to the true color of things (its own color) and a standard light source under the color of the relationship displayed, to put it bluntly is the reduction of color, indicating that we will be low Can not tell the color.

There is no flicker and red UV: These are very harmful to the eyes, so we choose to choose when not, or smaller lamps.

Light efficiency: The light efficiency is equal to the brightness, which means that each watt can emit 70LM light. We say that LM is the brightness of light. When choosing the LED panel light, we choose the panel light with high luminous flux when the wattage is the same.