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Tips for picking LED lighting products


The energy-saving effect of LED lighting products has also been recognized by the majority of users. There are also many LED lighting products on the market. As consumers, how do we choose LED lighting products?

1,See if the spectrum emitted by the lamp is comfortable and eye-safe:

Color rendering is greater than 80, relatively close to natural light, the color shift of the light under the items is small; according to each person's preferences, select 3000K (warm color temperature), 5000K or more (cold color temperature) or the color temperature; available smart phone camera mode, select Flicker-free luminaires (viewed luminosity images appear to be wavy and flickering); wavelengths of the luminescence spectrum are constant. The use of inexpensive LED chips will cause color drift for a long time. Manufacturers that do not have LED spectrophotometers have a hard time producing color-accurate products.

2,Look at electrical safety:

The body of the LED bulb is usually made of aluminum. If there is a problem with the insulation of the driving power supply installed in the lamp body, it is possible to introduce the mains electricity into the aluminum lamp body. There will be electric shock when the hand is touched! Recently, there were reports that there were “two (such) accident reports for the world’s leading LED bulbs in the European market, and dealers and distributors took measures to withdraw the market from this product”. Shanghai Sansi uses insulating ceramic bodies to make the lamp body, thereby eliminating the cause of such electric shock accidents. Lamps that pass the necessary safety certification must be selected to ensure safety.


3,Buy lights do not buy watts:

Look at lumens (lm, the brighter the light source is, the larger the lumens). The advent of LED luminaires changed the pursuing philosophy of buying lighting. If you still look at wattages to buy bulbs, then you have to be OUT. Assuming a 30 square meter living room with a required luminous flux of 3000 lm, consumers can purchase a 200W incandescent lamp, or a 50W fluorescent lamp, or a 43W low-efficiency LED lamp, or a 27W high-efficiency LED lamp. Although the wattage is different, their final lighting effects are similar. If low wattage LED lamps are selected under the same lumen parameters, then congratulations, such a wise choice saves the household more than 37% of the electricity bill. ! In this way, taking the lumen as the parameter standard and referring to the wattage comparison will always allow you to buy high-efficiency, energy-saving and economical lamps! The light efficiency of the bulb lamp manufactured by Shanghai Sansi has reached more than 110lm/W.

4,See if the service life is long enough:

Durable is often a good choice.