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What are the main components of LED panel lights?


With the development of the LED lighting industry, the LED panel lights that are most liked by consumers have uniform light, no glare, and fine structure. However, many consumers do not know the components of the LED panel lights. Let's talk about component parts today:

1. Panel light aluminum frame: The main channel of LED heat dissipation, the appearance is simple and generous;

2. LED light source: usually LED lamp beads use 3528, and Huahui lighting straight LED panel lights using large-size 3030 Sanan chip, each chip security lens, ensure that after use, there is no dark area, no shadow;

3.LED light guide plate: The side LED light is refracted through the dot so that the light is evenly drawn from the front, and the light guide plate is the key point of quality control of the LED panel light;

4.LED diffuser board: the light of the light guide plate is evenly exported, and it can also play the role of fuzzy dot;

5. Reflective paper: reflect the back light of the light guide plate to improve the light efficiency;

6. Rear cover: The main function is to seal the LED panel light, generally with 1060 aluminum, can also play a little cooling effect.

7. Drive power: There are currently two kinds of LED drive power, one is to use constant current, and the other is to use constant voltage with constant current power.

8. Mounting Pendant: Suspension wire, snap mounting brackets, etc. are used to install the fixed accessories.