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Factors about the height error of high pole street lights


Common high-pole led street lights are also one of the types of new energy street lights, so they are called high-pole lights. It is named because its height is usually more than 15 meters, which is much higher than other conventional street lights.
Height is a highlight of high pole lights. It is not so much a bright spot as the advantages, because the advantage of height can maximize the illumination area of ​​the light source at the top of the pole, so as to achieve a very ideal lighting effect. But the phrase "born here will be destroyed" is no exception here, because there are often little-known shortcomings among the advantages.

For large semi-trailer trucks, the shortest high-pole street light is also super long, because the length of the semi-trailer is only 13 meters, and the shortest high-pole light will stick out more than 2 meters when installed, which is absolutely not allowed , Considering many inconvenient factors such as production, transportation and installation, the production of high pole lights is finally determined as a multi-segment assembly form, which is not only convenient for transportation, but also conducive to production, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. On the surface, this way of making is very reasonable, but it is not the case when it is actually installed.
From production to installation, high-pole street lights need to face many links that affect the assembly size, such as rolling rods, calibration, hot-dip galvanizing, welding, transportation, etc. These links will affect the final product more or less to a large extent. The insertion depth, that is to say, the insertion depth is designed to be 50 cm when the drawings are designed before production, and it may be 40 cm or 70 cm during the actual installation. This is entirely possible.

This is also the main reason why customers misunderstand high-pole street light manufacturers. When many customers accept high-pole street lights, the measured dimensions do not match the drawings. This phenomenon is most prominent on high-pole street lights above 30 meters, because 30 High-pole street lights above meters are composed of at least three to four sections. Take four sections for example, the four-section pole section will have three insertion points, if the error of each insertion point is 40 cm (some even higher) , then the three sections are added together to be 1.2 meters, which leads to the final height will be lower than the drawing requirements, but households will mistakenly think that the high-pole lamp manufacturers cut corners, in fact, the insertion error is large, resulting in too deep insertion. To.