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Solar street lights green lighting, what are the advantages of LED light sources?


Outdoor lighting has changed from city circuit lights in the past to solar led street light wholesale now. Not only is the way of providing energy changing, but the light source of street lighting is also constantly being updated. From the past, high-pressure sodium lamps have been gradually replaced by solar LED street lights. , What is the difference between LED light source and high pressure sodium lamp?
1) Cost
The traditional high-pressure sodium lamps are powered by mains electricity. This process requires a lot of electrical equipment, which is troublesome to install, and will also generate more costs. Moreover, if the mains electricity is used, it means that electricity fees need to be paid. Not a small expense.
The installation of solar LED street lights is simple, just dig a hole, no need to lay redundant lines, save equipment costs and labor costs, and through solar energy for photoelectric conversion, there will be no electricity bills in the later stage.

2) Environmentally friendly
The traditional high-pressure sodium lamp is a high-intensity discharge light source that uses high-pressure sodium vapor discharge to emit light. In this process, a large amount of carbon dioxide will be produced. A 250W high-pressure sodium lamp can only produce 1290kg of carbon dioxide a year, which is not conducive to environmental protection. is extremely disadvantageous.
As a cold light source, solar LED street light will not produce any carbon dioxide or other substances that are harmful to the environment. If the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp is lined with the LED light source, the reduction of carbon dioxide is immeasurable. At the same time, it also saves the carbon dioxide reduction.
3) Luminous efficiency
The high-pressure sodium lamp takes a long time to start, and it takes about 5-10 minutes to reach normal brightness. And the light cannot be restarted immediately after it is turned off. It needs to be cooled for at least 5 minutes. If you want to illuminate the designated area, it needs to be reflected by the reflector. The utilization rate of light is only about 40%.
The LED light source can directly convert electricity into light, there is no problem of long startup time, and it is easier to control when it is turned on and off. , the utilization rate of the light source is as high as 90%.
4) Lighting effect
The color temperature of high-pressure sodium lamps is mostly between 2000 and 2500K, and the color rendering index is between 20 and 30. This lighting effect and the color reduction of objects are very poor, which is not conducive to the judgment of the surrounding environment, and it is in such an environment for a long time. , but also easy to make people feel dizzy, there is a certain danger.
The solar LED street light has a large color temperature range, has a perfect dimming function, can use neutral light close to natural light, and has a high color rendering index, which can better restore the original color of the object and bring better lighting effects. Eye comfort is also good, improving safety in night traffic.