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The difference between high-power LED street lights and ordinary street lights


High-power led street lights are mainly concentrated in urban roads and sidewalks, and they are illuminated in the form of LEDs. With the continuous development of society, it can be seen everywhere now, so let's take a look at the difference between it and ordinary street lights.

First, the energy consumption is different
High-power LED street lights use semiconductor LED light sources, with an average illuminance of 0.48, which is greater than the national standard. Moreover, its light source is concentrated, there will be no scattering phenomenon, and it is unidirectional. Therefore, the consumption of electric energy is also very small, so this will ensure the quality and efficiency of lighting.

However, ordinary street lamps use high-pressure sodium lamps. The light of the street lamps has scattering properties and is emitted in all directions, which will consume a lot of electricity, which is very unfavorable for the form of energy shortage.
Second, the use period and safety guarantee are different
The service life of high-power LED street lights can reach more than ten years, and the cost-effectiveness is high. It is the best choice for today's street lights. LED street lights are safe and low-voltage products, and the safety factor of the street lights is higher than that of ordinary street lights during installation. Ordinary street lamps have a short service life and need to be replaced every five years, which will increase the cost.
In summary, a simple comparison between the two shows that although the purchase price of high-power LED street lights is more expensive, during the service period, the average price will be more affordable than ordinary street lights.