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What are the reasons for the failure of garden lights?


With the popularity of real estate, the number of residential areas and real estate in my country is growing rapidly, and courtyard lights are often used for residential road lighting. Garden lights have strong aesthetics, conform to the concept of human nature, and correspond to the surrounding environment, so they are loved by people. However, the quality of garden lights in the market is uneven, and the failure of garden lights after installation also occurs from time to time. Today, Xiaobian will tell you what causes the failure of garden lights.

1. First of all, the material is not good enough. Judging from the failures handled by our company in recent years, the low quality of materials is the main reason for the failure of garden lights.
2. Secondly, the construction quality is poor. During the use of led garden lights, the proportion of failures caused by construction quality is also relatively large.
3. Next is the unreasonable design. On the one hand, it is due to overload operation, and on the other hand, the joint production does not meet the requirements, which is also the main factor causing the failure.
4. Finally, the quality of the supporting projects is not too hard, and the garden light cables are generally laid on the sidewalk. The quality of the sidewalk construction is relatively poor.
The above are the 4 reasons for the failure of garden lights. To avoid these situations, you must first buy from a regular garden light manufacturer, so that the after-sales and quality of the products are more guaranteed. Finally, pay attention to some details of the installation during the installation process. Doing these two points can reduce the failure rate of garden lights.