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2017 China (Ningbo) International Lighting Lighting Fair


"2017 China (Ningbo) International Lighting Lighting Fair and LED Lighting Exhibition" is committed to promoting the development of China's lighting industry, strengthen domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, enhance corporate brand and awareness, so as to promote China's lighting industry as a whole Development; the exhibition pre-exhibition area of 40,000 square meters, features display space 2000; the General Assembly will invite a nationwide lighting and electrical products agents / distributors / import and export traders / lighting manufacturers, department stores / chain stores, the Building construction contractor / system contracting / decoration decoration / installation company, government urban construction department / city construction / construction company, Environmental protection and environmental protection departments, hotel hotels / office and other procurement department, the government procurement departments and the Middle East countries, Russia, Germany, France, Japan and South Korea, Australia, Canada, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other overseas buyers are the main target;