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Advantages of LED high bay light


Industrial and mining lamp is a kind of lamp mainly used in industrial workshops, logistics and storage bases, large stores, stadiums, mines and other high shed places. Traditionally, it is mainly metal halide light source, but now it is basically replaced by led industrial and mining lamp. Led industrial and mining lamp is a kind of lighting product with LED as light source, which mainly has the following advantages:
Led industrial and mining lamps have high luminous efficiency and good environmental protection performance: after the emergence of LED, many lighting lamps began to use LED light source, and so do led industrial and mining lamps, as we all know. LED is a kind of solid-state cold light source, which is a new type of light source. The industrial and mining lamp made by LED has a small heating rate, high luminous efficiency and low power consumption, which is an ideal production lamp.
Led industrial and mining lamp durable, long service life: in our lighting market, led industrial and mining lamps are almost all made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials for the production of lamp shell, aluminum alloy strength is relatively high, all aspects of performance are relatively stable, therefore, after long-term use will not change line deformation phenomenon, its surface is treated by high-voltage electrostatic spray Long service life.
Some led industrial and mining lamps also have certain explosion-proof performance. Considering the particularity of the place where the lamps are used, when making the LED industrial and mining lamps, the manufacturers will adopt a special explosion-proof structural design, and use tempered glass to make the lampshade of the lamps. With the production of die-casting process, the performance of the products of the LED industrial and mining lamps is relatively stable, with a certain explosion-proof performance, which is very convenient and safe to use The number is high.