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Advantages of LED light source in tunnel lighting


The bad environment of automobile exhaust, noise, vibration, dirty air, corrosive gas and moisture form the particularity of tunnel lighting. In order to provide a safe and comfortable lighting environment for traffic and pedestrians, the design ideas and methods of tunnel lighting are elaborated through analysis.
Tunnel lighting is different from the general road lighting, has its obvious particularity, the consideration of safety is particularly important in the lighting system.

In the design of tunnel lighting scheme, people's light adaptation and dark adaptation should be considered, and the lighting design of transition section should be emphasized. In order to meet the requirements of driver's eye adaptability, a section of light dark transition lighting must be made at the entrance of the tunnel to ensure certain vision requirements; because the adaptation time at the exit of the tunnel is very short, generally within 15 meters, no other treatment can be carried out.

The limited space on both sides of the lane makes people feel particularly depressed. The driver's vision will focus on the front and tend to drive on the left side (especially in the middle of the road). The increase of this influence will lead to the increase of vehicle speed, especially for the road with two-way traffic flow, that is, the sense of direction is lost, and the speed and distance can not be estimated correctly. Dark at night leads to poor vision, and the imagination of unpredictable accidents produces psychological pressure. The road is an unusual environment, in which the driver needs a clear and clear visual guidance. The better the guidance effect is, the safer the driver is.