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Application scope and characteristics of LED mining lamp


Application scope of led industrial and mining lamp: it is widely used in oil exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry and other dangerous environment, as well as land oil platform, oil tanker and other places for general lighting and operation lighting; it is generally applicable to places with high protection requirements and humidity. Performance characteristics: high efficiency and energy-saving LED is the light source with high luminous efficiency so far, which can save 50% - 70% electricity than traditional light source with the same illuminance, that is, replacing the traditional lamps with larger power by LED lamps with smaller power can achieve the same lighting effect, which is a better choice to achieve energy saving and emission reduction; ultra short life LED is a solid-state light source, without filament fusing, electrode aging and other defects, with a uniform life of more than 50000 hours.

It is the shortest life light source so far, which can be used temporarily without maintenance; it is safe and reliable Led adopts DC low voltage power supply, the heat output is far lower than the traditional electric light source, and does not produce high-frequency electromagnetic field, and does not form electromagnetic disturbance to the surrounding equipment; LED is packaged with epoxy resin, which is impact resistant, vibration resistant and not easy to be broken; it is green and environmental friendly Led emission spectrum is completely in the visible light band, no ultraviolet radiation, no mercury, no heavy metal pollution; no filament melting, glass breakage, flammable and toxic substances leakage and other environmental risks.

The above is the scope and characteristics of LED mining lamp. To learn more about LED lighting information and products, please pay attention to Fujing lighting.