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Big advantage, solar LED street lights replace traditional street lights


Through the update and technical improvement of the traditional solar lighting lamp structure, intelligent controller, reflector angle, solar LED lighting has more uniform light, higher overall brightness, and lower cost.

The column-type and torch-type combined light source structure of the flat-head LED, through the technology of reasonably controlling the installation tilt angle of the flat-head ultra-high-brightness white light LED, not only can enhance the light effect, but also the combined light source consumes only about 4W, and the brightness of the emitted light can reach The brightness of 20W energy-saving lamps or 40W incandescent lamps can make more effective use of solar energy.

The combined luminous source in the field of street lamps-cross-shaped and rectangular combined luminous source technology, to give full play to the advantages of flat-head LEDs with large opening angles and good light uniformity and round-head LEDs with high spot area brightness, so that the two can complement each other and maximize luminous efficiency .

In terms of the controller, using solar photoelectric conversion technology, after the storage of electric energy is completed, the battery provides a 12V DC power supply to the light-emitting source, so that the light-emitting source generates 6500K of white light, so as to maximize the collection of electric energy.

The superb innovative technology has made full preparations for the promotion and use of solar lighting. LED is 1/4 more energy-saving than energy-saving lamps. At the same time, it also has the advantages of high light quality, no radiation, reliability and durability, and extremely low maintenance costs. It is a typical green lighting source. Coupled with the successful development of ultra-bright LEDs, the cost quotation has dropped to or close to the initial installation price of power frequency AC lighting systems, making the promotion and use of solar lighting a development trend.

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