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Comparison of LED street lights and traditional street lights


Traditional street lights require a large power supply system. Large power transformers are very expensive. Moreover, the voltage of the traditional lamp cannot fluctuate too much, otherwise, it will seriously affect the life of the lamp. The LED street lamp uses the drive module of Sunshine Shengyuan Technology, and does not require a large transformer. When the voltage fluctuates, the brightness of the LED street lamp remains unchanged. T220C350W12S12 can drive 12W LEDs. When the voltage changes from 180V to 260V, the entire driver can achieve constant current drive. Ensure the brightness of high-power LED street lights. In addition, the drive has many protection functions, under abnormal conditions, the reliability of the entire power grid.
   Energy saving comparison between LED street lamp and traditional street lamp
   Let's calculate the cost of electricity consumption for one year with two light sources on a three-segment road. The calculation method is to turn on the lights for 10 hours a day, and each kilowatt-hour of electricity is calculated at 1 yuan. Traditional street lights on 3 kilometers of road consume 184325 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, equivalent to RMB 184,325. LED street lights consume 36,865 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, 36865 yuan, and 5 kilometers of traditional street lights consume 303,863 kilowatt-hours a year. Electricity, RMB 303,863, LED street lights have a total annual power consumption of 60,773 kWh, 10 kilometers of road traditional street lights, a total annual power consumption of 607,725 kWh, RMB 607,725 yuan, the total annual power consumption of LED street lights is 121,545 kWh Electricity, RMB 121,545.

Analysis of the development of domestic LED street lights

With the development of the times, LED lamps are more and more widely used. The universality of LED lamps makes people realize the broad development prospects of this industry, so they all get out and actively participate in this sought-after "sweet rice cake".
By 2010, there were hundreds of manufacturers producing power LEDs for lighting in China, and the quality of the high-power LEDs produced was also different. Among them, Jiangsu Hengyuan Lighting Co., Ltd.'s PCB-based high-power LED device structure, based on the substrate material , Production technology and other aspects have achieved innovation.
At present, foreign manufacturers mainly use Cree and Philips Lumileds to represent the highest-quality high-power LEDs on the market, which basically account for more than 90% of the global high-power LED high-end market. Cree's products have become the mainstream of high-power LEDs due to their wide variety of high-power LEDs of various specifications, large output and stable supply. High-power LEDs produced in Taiwan account for most of the mid-range market, and the high-power LEDs produced by them are more cost-effective.
The output of LED street lamps for corporate lighting accounts for more than 60% of the domestic market, and the average gross profit rate of the products is about 30%. At present, domestic companies can compete with the world's leading manufacturers in packaging technology. Therefore, compared with imported devices, domestic packaged power LED devices for lighting have a great comparative advantage, and their prices are on par with Taiwanese products.
The competition among enterprises is one of the important factors to promote the development of the industry, and the development of LED lamps is bound to be faster and broader.

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