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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary street lights and solar street lights


Ordinary street lights have complicated installation procedures, and cables need to be laid, and cable trenches must be excavated, pipes and wires buried. In some places, it is not easy to bury the pipeline, and the cost will be higher. And for a long time installation and debugging, a lot of manpower, financial resources and material resources were wasted.

In addition, the electricity bills of ordinary street lamps are also rising with the price of goods, and the power station also claims that it is operating at a loss, and it has to maintain the lines frequently. There are hidden safety hazards in the buried line. If someone else constructs in the buried line, it may damage the line and pipeline and easily cause a safety accident.

Solar street lights are easy to install, no need to lay complicated lines, just dig a small hole, a cement base, and fix it with stainless steel screws. Solar street lights rely on solar energy to convert into electricity, so there is almost no investment after it is built, and only daily maintenance and aging repair of equipment are required. Although the purchase cost is relatively high. However, the later costs will be recovered slowly. The service life of solar street lamps is longer than that of city circuit lamps.

But solar street lights also have shortcomings. No one can guarantee the lighting problems in rainy days, battery life and other issues. But with the advancement of technology, these problems will soon be resolved. It is believed that solar street lights will gradually replace city circuit lights in the future.

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