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Features and installation considerations for power supply of led industrial mineral lamps


What are the characteristics of led industrial lamp power supply: 1. The light emission efficiency of led industrial mineral lamp power supply with high emission efficiency is above 100 LM / W, and will be continuously improved later.And later it is possible to reach more than 3-fold.The efficiency of led workers mainly refers to the effective light, and the workers' lamps are 120 degree light emitting, so all the light is effective light.The 120 degree emission angle, though sometimes felt a little narrower, was in most cases sufficiently useful.2. High power efficiency of LED worker's lamp power supply the power efficiency of LED worker's lamp is usually up to 90%, and about half of the electricity can be saved compared with common luminaires, and led worker's lamp is generally used in the lighting of plants and workshops, so the number of luminaires is relatively large, so the function of electricity production is still very practical.3. Long life of LED worker light power supply the life of a worker light can reach 50000 hours.While the lifetime of an ordinary lamp is usually only 5000 hours (some homemade lamps live only 300 hours).Both differ by almost 10 fold.Some poor worker's lamps, although also as little as ten thousand hours, were also nearly fivefold different from common lights.

Led industrial lights are one type of light which can be used both in production workshops such as plant enterprises, industrial mines, petroleum, chemical, smelter and in warehouse plants using lighting luminaires, in addition, it can be applied in large malls, indoor gym and other places.However, when used in household, it needs attention.1. Before the luminaire is installed, it is necessary to cut off the power; 2, the product should not be connected to a high voltage supply before it is installed and used strictly according to the product nominal working appliance parameters; 3, if the luminaire's external power line, signal line, is damaged, the power must first be cut off and repaired or replaced by an engineering technician with a documented qualification;4. The power, beads must be replaced and installed by a professional for the application of industrial mine lights; 5 during the construction installation of the high-power LED light cast, construction personnel strictly prohibit the use of violent means to install construction; 6, be aware of fire, electricity, shock, and other treatments.

Above is about led worker's mineral lamp power supply and installation precautions, to know more about LED lighting luminaire information and products please pay attention to Fuji lighting.

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