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How long is the service life of solar street lights


Compared with other street light sources in many other applications, it is obvious that solar street lights are more outstanding. In order to keep the solar street lights in the best condition, the following factors must be considered.

   One, efficiency

  The driving and manufacturing of solar street lights and solar modules are all within a specially set current range. According to their characteristics, they can provide some current within about 350 mA to 500 mA. Most solar street light systems are driven in the high value area in this current range.

   2. Acidic conditions

Solar street lights are also susceptible to some effects under certain acidic conditions, such as near swimming pools, in coastal areas with high salt content, or around factories that make products or use chemicals, etc. Although solar street lights are also It is made for these places, but it must be carefully and cautiously packaged in a fully enclosed enclosure, and a relatively high IP protection level is required.

   Three, calories

   Su Rian solar street lights rely on solar energy to generate electricity, but heat also affects the life cycle and luminous flux of solar street lights. A radiator can effectively prevent the system from overheating. Because the system becomes hot, it is likely that the allowable ambient temperature of the solar street light has exceeded the range. Naturally, its service life will also be affected by heat.

   Four, mechanical stress

  In the simple operation, manufacturing, and stacking of solar street lights, mechanical stress will also affect the service life of solar street lights. If you are not lucky, it can even completely destroy solar street lights. Be especially careful with electrostatic discharge, which can cause short but very high current pulses and damage the drivers in the street lights.

   5. Humidity

  The performance of solar street lights also depends on the humidity of the surrounding environment. Because in some very humid environments, various metal parts and electronic equipment are more likely to be damaged and rust, so it is best to avoid moisture.