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How to improve the brightness of solar street lights


Nowadays, many rural areas are using solar street lights, but the configuration of solar street lights is uneven, and there is no fixed standard. Some solar street lights have a large configuration, so their brightness must be high, and some solar street lights have a small configuration, so their brightness is too small. If some people are not satisfied with the brightness of solar street lights after buying low-profile solar street lights, how can we improve the brightness of solar street lights without replacing them? Next, let me take you to find out.

First, determine the brightness of solar street lights before purchasing
Before buying solar street lights, if you buy in bulk, you have to tell the other party what the brightness is. If you don't have this concept of brightness, you can ask the solar street light manufacturer to make a model to see.
If the brightness requirement is high, the size of the LED light source will be larger. There are also some solar street light manufacturers who will choose the most suitable solution for your own consideration. If you don't need to be particularly smart based on your actual situation, you can also take the manufacturer's advice.
2. Reduce the installation height
If solar street lights are installed on both sides of the road, we should consider whether there are green plants on both sides of the road. Because solar street lights are converted into electricity by absorbing solar energy, if something is blocked, the effect will not be very good. When this happens, it is best to lower the height of the solar panel and not completely block the solar panel.
3. Regular inspection
After a lot of solar street light projects are installed, they will no longer be inspected. Of course, this is not good. While solar power requires no maintenance, it does not require special maintenance, but it also requires regular inspections. If any damage is found, it should be repaired in time. If the solar panel cleaning takes too long, wipe the solar panel occasionally.