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The International LED Lighting fair of 2016


2016 Shanghai International LED Lighting Exhibition The 15th China International Housing Industry and Construction Industrial Products and Equipment Fair (referred to as: China World Expo) will be held October 13, 2016 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (new Museum) was held.


The theme of the China World Expo is to highlight the international, scientific, professional and humanistic, showing the contents of the whole industry chain of residential products, covering the latest domestic and foreign residential systems, technology, results and living environment construction. Especially the "tomorrow house theme demonstration model room", a comprehensive interpretation of the future direction of development of residential, with a strong demonstration of the leading role.

China since the founding of the Expo since 1995, has been successfully held fourteen, to promote China's housing construction and modernization of the housing industry has played a positive role. China's trade fair brand influence is growing, has become well-known domestic and international trade show and the domestic housing industry's highest specifications of the event.

During the Chinese Games, a series of thematic high-end forum discussions and related activities will be held.

2016 Shanghai International LED Lighting Exhibition China World Expo is approved by the State Council, approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction fully support the high-level large-scale international exhibition activities, the national housing industry pilot cities, the national housing industry demonstration Base to promote the display platform, is to promote the housing industry-related enterprises to become the industry leader in the promotion of residential industrialization of advanced technology, products, an effective exchange platform.