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Introduction to Precautions for Installing Square Lifting Pole Lamp


Street lamp is common in people's daily life, and only the presence of street lamp can make the passers-by walking at night safe and reassuring.And the street lamp is also attributed to the high pole lamp, in terms of equipment also need to pay more attention to some matters, because the altitude is too cold, assuming that the equipment presents problems, then it will constitute a lot of unnecessary trouble.
First of all, it is necessary to assist the equipment with a lightning rod at the time of high pole lamp, so as to avoid the dangerous events in rainy climate and lightning time.And in the equipment must be careful to ask some professional equipment personnel.
Together, the equipment should be combined with some attentions of solar street lamp manufacturers.The second is to equip shock absorbers, because the large vehicles coming and going on the road are relatively simple, which makes the ground vibrate. If it goes on for a long time, it will lead to the loosening of the street lights.After that is the setup of the device program, which must refer to the relevant instructions to avoid equipment errors, and can not make normal!
Technical parameters and equipment of 15m-40m high pole lamps on the market:
1. High-pole lamp pole: high-pole lamp manufacturer in the production plan height of 15-40 meters, the lamp pole is eight-edged, twelve-edged, eighteen-pyramidal rod body, three-segment manufacturing, the plate thickness from top to bottom are: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, the upper caliber: 280 mm, the lower caliber: 560 mm, from the high-strength excellent steel plate through shearing, bending, active welding, the planned large wind resistance can reach 60 m/s.It can be equipped with excellent steel disc flange with diameter of 950mm and plate thickness of 25mm.
2. The main rod and bracket of high-strength lamp are formed by one-time roll rod of large bending machine with submerged arc active welding. Hot dip zinc treatment is used for the whole lamp rod and lamp disc, and polyester powder spraying is used for the surface, which may ensure that the surface is corrosion-free for 30 years.
3. There are two types of high-pole lamps, i.e. landing and non-landing.Lifting high-pole lamps are the same as those commonly used for high-pole lamps over 18 meters.The electric lifting and landing operation is convenient. After the lamp tray is raised to the working position, it can actively take off the tray, hang the trench, and unload the steel wire rope.
There are two ways for the tall pole lamp to rise and fall, which are electric landing and manual landing.

The electric landing system is composed of an electric motor, a winch, hot dipped galvanized steel wire ropes and rubber cables.The lamp pole is equipped in the body, and the lifting speed is 3 m to 5 m per minute.
Manual landing system. The length of the lead-out wire of the manual remote control device is 10 meters. We can control the rise and fall of the lamp plate manually at 5 meters, which may ensure our personal safety.
4. The guiding and unloading system of the high pole lamp consists of a guide wheel and a guide arm. In this way, it may be ensured that the lamp disc will not move horizontally during the lifting process. When the lamp disc is in place together, it may be actively withered and determined by a hook.
5. The high-pole lamp lighting electrical system may select the composition of floodlights or spotlights, which can be selected according to the actual situation of the garden and the needs of the customers; it can also actively control the year and month of the switch lights and part of the lighting or full lighting through the computer time controller.
6. Lightning protection system of lifting high-pole lamp, because high-pole lamp is equipped outdoors, in thunderstorm weather season, it is very simple to be struck by lightning, which is a great threat. In light of this, high-pole lamp will be destroyed, in heavy cases, it will cause fire or casualties of workers, causing huge losses. These are not what we want to see, so high-pole lamp should do a good job of lightning protection.A 1.5m long lightning rod is installed on the lamp top, and a 1m long grounding wire is installed on the open foundation and connected with the open bolt.
7. The sealing grade of all the lamps of the landing high-pole lamp is IP65 international standard, so as to avoid the immersion of dust and rainwater and ensure the service life of the lamp bile.Lighting materials are the same. Aluminum alloy plate and stainless steel with good corrosion resistance are usually used.