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LED street lamp modularization brings new dawn to the road lighting market


The reason why the modularization of LED street lights is difficult to produce is that there are technical obstacles in many key links such as heat dissipation, waterproofing, light distribution, free replacement of parts, and adaptation to any sodium lamp shell, which hinder the modularization of LED street lights. form. Modularization of products is the concentrated expression and inevitable result of mature technology and unified standards of industrial products. As long as the above-mentioned worldwide technical problems are solved, the modularization problem of LED street lamps will naturally be solved.
Beijing Green Times Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Green Times Company) did not rush to enter the LED lighting market in the two years after its establishment. Historical breakthroughs have been made in the technical aspects of LED lighting. The technical problems that restrict the popularization and application of LED lighting have been completely solved. Through the comprehensive application of 18 patented technologies, the standardization and modularization of LED street lamps have been completely realized. The whole world is far ahead, has great popularization value, and will produce huge economic and social benefits. When the domestic LED street lamp market has gradually returned to silence from the initial hustle and turmoil, it has brought a new dawn to the domestic and even international LED street lamp market.
   First of all, in terms of heat dissipation performance, Green Times has developed a nano heat dissipation coating with completely independent intellectual property rights. Spraying the coating on the surface of the radiator can increase the heat dissipation performance of the radiator by 30% on the original basis. In addition, the lamp’s own patented technology of “permeable up and down and using natural air convection to dissipate heat” is also used in the heat dissipation of the lamps. After these two patented heat dissipation technologies are applied to LED street lights, the working temperature of LED street lights in the actual outdoor environment is constant below 45°C, which completely solves the world problem of excessive temperature affecting the decay and life of LED street lights, so that no matter what No matter how powerful the LED street lights are, Green Times can guarantee that there will be no light attenuation after 10,000 hours of use.
  Secondly, in terms of waterproof performance, Green Times has adopted the light source COB packaging method, while also creating a unique patented packaging method in which the positive and negative electrodes of the light source are designed directly above the substrate, which completely solves the waterproof problem of the light source. Since the independent light source can be fixed on the radiator by a variety of fixing methods such as screw fixing and circlip fixing, and through patented technology, the illumination angle of each independent light source can be adjusted according to actual needs, and the power of the light source can be adjusted. Adjust at will according to the needs, so that the light source of the LED street lamp is completely modularized and easy to maintain and replace.
Third, in terms of other structures, Green Times has designed the power supply, driver, and radiator of the LED street lamp into a modular structure that can be installed and disassembled independently, and it can also perform simple processing and transformation of various existing sodium lamp shells. After matching, it keeps the sodium lamp shell intact and beautiful, and saves a lot of replacement costs, which is of great practical significance for the transformation of urban street lights.

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