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Market application prospect and value of street lamp intelligent control system


In this issue, we simply describe the market application prospect and value of street lamp intelligent control system. As a professional manufacturer of LED street lamp, we will try our best to sort out and release all kinds of knowledge about LED street lamp, and serve you wholeheartedly.

In the face of the drawbacks of traditional street lamps in energy consumption, monitoring and management, we hope to achieve more flexible control, more intelligent monitoring and more efficient management through technical means, and finally meet the needs of energy conservation and emission reduction, smart city construction.
1. More flexible control
Remote single lamp control; in the case of no control, the street lamp can automatically turn on and off according to the current time;
In the period of small traffic flow, according to the energy-saving strategy set by the user, the street lamp can realize a variety of energy-saving methods, such as odd number light on, even number light on, separated light on, etc;
2. More intelligent monitoring
The system can monitor the damaged street lamp in real time and report the damaged street lamp information (such as location information) to the background personnel in time;

3. More efficient management
Through web or app interaction, users can make the street lamp work according to the expected energy-saving mode at home; they can know the working condition of the city street lamp (on or off, damaged or not); the system can analyze and count the energy consumption data of each street lamp, each street and each area, so as to provide big data basis for urban construction planning.
1) By formulating a reasonable energy-saving strategy, the system can ultimately achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction of street lamp system, and save power expenditure for government departments;
2) The system can automatically realize the functions of street lamp damage detection, power consumption detection, remote monitoring and so on, improve the scientific management level of city street lamp by the government, and improve the management efficiency;
3) The system can realize big data analysis and statistics of urban street lamp energy consumption, present it to customers with friendly user interface (web or app), and improve the level of smart city construction of government departments.
4. Visible economic value
For the ordinary 400W high pressure sodium lamp, it consumes 0.4 kwh per hour. Assuming that it works for 10 hours every day (from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next day), it will consume 4 kwh, with a total consumption of 1460 kwh per year. After adopting this system, it will save more than 20% of electric energy, that is, 292 kwh.

5. Potential economic value
Due to the improvement of management efficiency, the saved labor cost; the accurate analysis and statistics of street lamp energy consumption provide the government with big data value for urban planning.