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Self-maintenance and troubleshooting for common minor faults of led lamps


Common minor faults of led lamps can be repaired and eliminated by themselves. If there is obvious water ingress or short-circuit burnt, you can replace them with accessories by yourself. In this case, a shell is valuable. If the shell is expensive or the whole set is ugly, such as a floodlight street lamp, then you have to change the light source and driver, and get some sealant to replace it yourself. The suggestion is to find the manufacturer that does this to buy a matching package, measure the size and take photos, and don't put the light source in it, especially don't buy it separately, don't make the cheap one!

If it suddenly turns off or goes dark, but other circuits are intact, that is, other electrical appliances are fine. This situation is usually caused by the lamp's own nerves, which is broken. This situation is more common. We first remove the lamp and slowly analyze!

Take a simple LED bulb as an example. First open the cover and pick the blade along the edge of the gap. After opening it, see what driver the lamp uses, whether a board is connected to the lamp panel or the components are soldered to the lamp panel. That is, independent IC and DOB solutions, independent IC is a little troublesome.

The first point of troubleshooting: first check whether the lamp beads are in good condition. The black spots appearing in the middle of the lamp beads are basically broken. If there are only one or two broken ones, you can fix it by yourself. If it's too bad, just change it!

Lamp bead burnt out

Trouble shooting two points: Whether the lamp wire connector of the led street lamp falls off, especially the wire on the lamp cap, where the line is easy to fall, gently pull it with your hand to try whether the contact is bad, the maintenance is also simple, the nail on the lamp cap can be tilted with a blade Lose.

The third point of troubleshooting: If it is a DOB solution, that is, the type where the components are all on the panel, check whether there is a gap in the welding of the components, you can turn on the power, and use an insulated screwdriver to click one by one to try to eliminate the fault. . If it is an independent IC driver, it is more common that the connecting wires on both sides are broken or the contact is poor, and the copper sheet is warped. These can be soldered and used by themselves.