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The development prospects of solar energy and LED lighting technology


In recent years, with the development of solar photovoltaic power generation technology and LED lighting technology, solar LED street lights have entered the urban field. Compared with the traditional lighting source, LED as a lighting source has low DC voltage drive, less power consumption, anti-vibration, long life, nanosecond response speed, large design space, environmental protection, continuous switching and flashing, which can be easily realized 0~100% dimming function and other advantages are considered as a new generation of green lighting equipment. Solar LED street lights use solar energy as energy source. Each street lamp is independent, easy to install, no need to lay cables or wires, no AC power and electricity bills, DC power supply, light-controlled timing control, safe, reliable, energy-saving, economical, environmentally friendly, and practical.

High-power LEDs are used in the lighting field. Because the current and voltage parameters of the LED have typical PN junction volt-ampere characteristics, a small change in its forward voltage drop will cause a large forward current change. Unstable operating current will affect the life and light attenuation of the LED. Therefore, the brightness of the high-power LED is completely controlled by the current, and the drive circuit must provide a constant current.

When designing road lighting with multiple LEDs together, in addition to sufficient luminous flux and reasonable optical design to ensure reasonable light distribution, the more important issue is heat dissipation. Because the street lamp has the characteristics of outdoor night use, the heat dissipation surface is located on the side and the size is less restricted, which is conducive to the natural convection heat dissipation of the air, so the LED street lamp chooses the natural convection heat dissipation method, and the whole lamp uses high thermal conductivity aluminum as the heat dissipation body. The heat dissipation problem of LED is solved.

The solar LED street lighting system is a perfect combination of natural energy solar energy and environmentally friendly light source LED, and its development prospects are extremely broad.

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