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The difference between solar garden lights and solar square lights


Nowadays, solar garden lamp has been widely used because of its fashionable, beautiful and energy-saving appearance, especially in some high-grade residential areas and public squares. But most people don't seem to know the difference between the solar garden lamp in the residential area and the solar lamp in the public square. Today, let's take a look at the difference between the solar garden lamp in the community and the solar lamp in the public square?
1、 The style and characteristics of solar garden lamp in residential area are as follows:
1. To achieve the lighting effect of the reservation, it is convenient to make the income and expenditure of residents in the residential area at night;
2. To conform to the style of the whole building, together with the style of the whole community, can play an aspiring effect;
3. We should pay attention to its beauty, neither too monotonous, nor too flashy, so that it will not cause aesthetic fatigue.
According to the overall style of the whole community, it can be configured into two types: Chinese style and European style; as for the layout of solar garden lamps in residential areas, the interlaced and symmetrical layout of lamps are generally selected on the backbone road, which can select the appropriate method according to the layout of the community, so as to meet the lighting effect and pay attention to the beauty.
2、 The style and features of solar square lamp are as follows:
Solar square lamp is a part of public buildings, it reflects the unique style of a city, so it needs better artistic effect.
1. In order to beautify the city in the daytime, the shape of the solar garden lamp in the whole square should be able to blend into the atmosphere of the whole square, and the artistic quality of lighting should be considered at night. The color of the light should set off the beauty of the square. At the same time, the lighting effect should be considered to facilitate the citizens to walk;
2. Pay attention to the ornamental, that is to say, the shape of the square solar garden lamp should not only be beautiful, but also be able to beautify the lighting environment. In addition to the above, it can also become a symbol of city and regional civilization.
The above is about the difference between residential solar garden lamp and public solar square lamp. In a word, different external environment and deployment of different solar lamp can produce different beautification effect.