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What are the main methods to maintain solar street lights in summer


Summer is generally the peak period for emergency repairs in all walks of life. Overloaded electricity and natural damage from thunderstorms will cause street lamp problems. Therefore, in the street lamp industry, summer protection operations must be done to ensure the normality of solar street lamps. Running. Although the solar street light system is strictly inspected before leaving the factory, long-term continuous operation will inevitably lead to the onset of some accidents, and temperature changes, climate influences, and man-made damage will also cause the failure rate to increase.
So, what factors affect solar street lights in summer? How to protect them?
Climate impact
Most of our country has a subtropical monsoon climate. In summer, there is often a convective climate. Rain, thunderstorms, and hurricanes often occur. As for those street lamps with high height and relatively thin foundation, it is really a big challenge. Unhealthy things such as loose solar panels, falling lamp caps, and skewed light poles occur from time to time, which not only affects normal lighting operations, but also brings great safety hazards to pedestrians and vehicles in densely populated areas.
As the saying goes, take precautions before they happen. The safety function inspection and protection maintenance work of solar street lights should be completed in advance, which can greatly avoid the occurrence of the above-mentioned bad things. Check the overall condition of the solar street lamp, check whether the battery panel and lamp holder are loose, check whether the street lamp is skewed, whether the bolts are strong, etc. If the above conditions are present, they should be eliminated in time to avoid accidents.

Temperature effect
With the advent of summer, the temperature rises sharply, and the energy storage status of lithium batteries will also be affected, especially after exposure to the sun, if there is a thunderstorm weather, it is necessary to check and protect regularly, if the capacity cannot meet the requirements of the use of lithium batteries Replace in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of solar street lights.
As the core component of the solar street light, the controller must be checked for its waterproof function. Open the door at the bottom of the solar street light, take out the controller of the solar street light, and check whether the connector has any tape drop, poor contact, water seepage, etc. Once the above problems are found, corresponding measures shall be taken to rectify and correct them in time to eliminate potential safety hazards as soon as possible. There is plenty of rain in summer. Although under normal conditions, rain will not directly enter the inside of the light pole, the high-temperature climate rainwater will evaporate into water vapor and it will short-circuit the line. In the rainy season, you should pay more attention to it. Some special conditions may also occur, so it is necessary to prevent problems before they happen.