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What are the size specifications of high pole lamp in the market


High pole lamp generally refers to a new type of lighting equipment composed of steel tapered lamp pole and high-power combined lamp frame. The utility model is composed of a lamp cap, an internal lamp electric, a pole body and a base part. The shape of lamp holder can be determined according to the user's requirements, surrounding environment and lighting requirements; the internal lamps and lanterns are mostly composed of floodlights and projection lamps, and the light source is ng400 high-pressure sodium lamp, with an illumination radius of 60 meters. The rod is generally a pyramid shaped single body structure, which is made of steel plate, with a height of 15-40 meters, mostly composed of two or three sections.
High pole lamp is a kind of product with a wide range of use, and in many cases it can meet our needs. How many specifications do general manufacturers have when planning?
The first major feature of the 15-25m high pole lamp is that the height can be set according to the demand. For example, the height varies from 20m to 30m. The pole is polygonal, generally with 8 sides / 12 sides / 16 sides, as well as the plug-in structure of pull-out pole.
The common 20 m, 25 m and 30 m height products are different in the upper diameter, lower diameter, section, wall thickness of upper section and lower section wall thickness of lamp pole. The specific planning is carried out according to the requirements, and different calibres are allocated according to different height requirements. The lamp poles of high pole lamps are basically hot-dip galvanized and plastic sprayed.
For special product types, the lamp pole can be stainless steel rod or high-quality steel plate, molded into a multi crisscross tapered plug-in steel pole, the lamp frame is treated with hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment, the frame of lamp panel is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the fasteners, bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel.
We often see the shadow of high pole lights in city squares, stations, ports, airports, parking lots, stadiums, overpasses and other places.