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What are the types of classification and installation of LED street lights


The street lamp is widely used in a variety of places that need lighting. It turns from the gold halide lamp to the LED street light, how much is your understanding? Let's take a look at the type and classification of the street light.

Snail type
1. Press the street light height: high pole light, mid-rod light, road light, courtyard light, lawn lamp, buried light;
2, press street light rod] hot galvanized iron street lamp, hot galvanized steel quality road light and stainless steel road light;
3, press the light source: soda light road light, LED street light, energy saving street light, new Soming Xenon Road light.
4, according to the model: Chinese light, antique light, landscape light, single arm street light, bike stream light.
5, according to the power supply method: the city circuit light, solar street light, scenery complementary street light.
The street lamp involves lighting technology for street lights. The purpose is to design a high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp having a long life, low power, high power factor and small current harmonic content. The high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp includes sequentially connected power grid high-pressure leak branch R1, C1, rectifier bridge D1-D4, power factor correction branch C2, D5, D6, high multi-frequency piercing filter wave branch L1, L3, high frequency oscillation circuit BG1-BG2, start branch L2, C7, and tube T; 80% power saving than previous street lights; harmonic content THD <25%, extending tube life can reach 3-4 times.

Satellite and installation of street lights
The street light is usually divided by the shape of the rays.
1 projection. A diffusion of the light emitted along the light emitted in the light is divided into short, medium, and three.
2 expand. Indicates that the light emitted by the luminaire is divided into a narrow, general, and wide.
3 control. Indicates the degree of the lamp control glare, divided into limited, medium and strict.
The installation of the street lamp has several brackets, high challenges, straight rods, suspensible and absorbing walls.