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What is the composition of solar landscape lights


What is a solar landscape light? Solar landscape lights are landscape lights that use solar energy as an energy source. It uses solar energy as a power source to provide night road lighting. As long as there is enough sunlight, it can be installed on site. Because it does not pollute the environment, it is called a green product by landscape light manufacturers. The light pole and the battery assembly are designed as a whole, which has the ability to resist wind. The interior uses intelligent charging and discharging and microcomputer lighting and time control technology. Solar landscape light products adopt high-efficiency light source design, which has the advantages of high brightness, convenient installation, stable and reliable work, no cables, no conventional energy consumption, and long service life.
What is the composition of solar landscape lights? The solar landscape light is composed of solar cell components, batteries, power controllers and light-emitting components. The specific technical characteristics are: ultra-high power, when the brightness is equivalent to 150W-250W of incandescent lamp, it can illuminate for 8 hours a day, and it can work normally within 3-5 days of continuous rainy and cloudy days; it has charge and discharge protection function, photosensitive Automatic control device and time function. The photoelectric intelligent controller of the control device effectively saves energy, increases the effective lighting time, and reduces the production cost.

What are the advantages of solar landscape lights:
1. Energy saving: solar energy is inexhaustible and inexhaustible;
2. High quality: high-tech products, green energy, technological users, green image improvement and upgrading;
3. Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation;
4. Long service life: the product has high technical content, the control system and accessories are all international brands, the design is intelligent, and the quality is reliable;
5. Safety: no electric shock, fire and other accidents;
6. Convenience: Simple installation, no wiring or "open belly" digging, no need to worry about power outages;
7. Low investment: One-time investment is equivalent to AC power supply (AC power investment starts with substation, power supply, control box, cables, engineering), one-time investment, long-term use;
8. Wide range of uses: solar energy comes from nature and can be used anywhere with sunlight, especially suitable for green land landscape lighting equipment, high-end residential and outdoor lighting, tourist attractions, coastal landscape lighting and decoration, industrial development zones, industrial and mining enterprise landscape lights , Outdoor lighting of colleges and universities.