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What problems will occur during the use of solar street lights


Now, whenever night falls, the solar-powered street lights on both sides of the street are all lit up. Solar street lights have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, saving manpower and material resources, and are now widely used in people's lives. However, in the use of solar street lights, there will be more or less problems, which are manifested in the following six aspects:
1.Is the solar panel of the solar street light fragile?
Solar panels are very strong, generally composed of fairly strong tempered glass panels. Regular manufacturers will subject solar panels to hail tests, so there will be no problems with the panels of this type of solar street light, even if it is Heavy rain or hail are all resistant to a certain degree.
2.Can solar street lights be installed in shaded places?
The solar panel must absorb enough sunlight to convert it into electricity. If the solar panel is installed in a shaded place, it will absorb less sunlight and the output of the battery will be relatively small. Generally, solar street lights should not be installed in shaded places, and should be avoided in places with obstructions, because they are not afraid of wind and sun, and can absorb sunlight all day, which is good for the operation of solar street lights.
3. How much electricity can solar street lights produce?
With different configurations, the amount of electricity generated and the lighting duration are naturally different. The configuration of solar street lights is generally determined according to the local environment. Normally, when choosing solar street lights, the parameters of solar street lights will be configured according to the actual local conditions.

4. What should I do if the solar street light doesn't turn on?
The first thing we need to do is to check whether the indicator light of the battery is on. If it is not on, it is possible that the connection wire between the controller and the battery has fallen off. At this time, we will ask a professional person to connect. If the wiring is normal, then we have to check whether the battery voltage is normal. If it is not normal, then we have to make the controller worse.
5. Does the photovoltaic module of the solar street light have to face south?
We all know that solar street lights use battery panels to absorb sunlight and convert them into electrical energy and store them in batteries. At night, the battery discharges the lamp cap to make the solar street lights light up. The orientation of this photovoltaic module determines how much sunlight the solar panel can absorb and how much electricity can be converted into. If the direction is wrong, less sunlight will be absorbed, and the light may not stay on for a long time or not at all.
6. Do the cleaning panels of solar street lights need to be cleaned frequently?
The solar panel of the solar street light can not accumulate dust for a long time, because it is not conducive to the solar panel to absorb sunlight. If the battery board has a shady surface, that string of batteries may cause an open circuit. But under normal circumstances, the solar street light's battery panel does not need to be cleaned frequently, because when it rains, it will wash away the dust of the solar street light battery board. If it does not rain for a long time, then occasionally clean the solar panels.